• A group of sailors ranging from first year beginners to National Champions.
  • Geared towards having fun through racing
  • An open club, which means any beach catamaran is welcome to race with us
  • An organization consisting of many fleets, including Nacra, Hobie, etc.
  • A family oriented group. Sailors ranging from teenagers to seniors (kids and dogs are in no short supply)

12 Caseville portsmouthWe are a non-profit group of catamaran sailors who get together 8 to 10 times a year for weekend regattas. We don't have a clubhouse or any of the furnishings, but do own all gear required to run a top notch regatta (including a Boston Whaler committee boat). We sail in some of the most beautiful areas of Michigan including Tawas Bay, Muskegon, and Higgins Lake just to name a few. We normally sail out of state parks and camp, although motels are typically close by. Motorhomes are popular with the club.

The atmosphere is conducive to fun for the whole family. If you are new to racing, come on out. We have plenty of members who are more than happy to help you through the learning process. You will cut years off the learning curve. Our regattas are typically two day (weekend) events. Saturday nights the group gets together for some sort of cookout. CRAM typically provides the majority of the meal, with club members bringing a dish to pass.

If you have a beach catamaran, you can rac12 Higgins pitche. A typical weekend will see Hobies and Nacras as well as many other brands sailing with us. Four or more of the same type of boat (i.e. A-Class) is considered a fleet for the regatta and is scored seperately. CRAM also runs a Formula 18 fleet which complies with USF18. 

If there are less than four boats of the same type, they race in our Portsmouth Fleet. In this fleet, all boats start together and are timed for each race. Your score is corrected using a correction factor called a Portsmouth number. Each boat has a unique Portsmouth number which is assigned by US Sailing. Think of it as a handicap, like bowling. Using this system, a Hobie 14 can race against an RC27 and win. It may sound complicated, but it is actually quite simple. You don't do anything but show up and race. Our scoring guys do the rest.

CRAM utilizes today's social media to communicate with our club. Links to Facebook, Twitter, and our email Newsletter all can be found on the home page.   This website contains all the essential information you need to join us out on the water.  If you're new to racing, we encourage you to also check out the 101, 201, and beginner racing pages.

CRAM membership includes a subscription to the newsletter and handbook, as well as reduced regatta fees and voting rights at club meetings.

12 Higgins campfire

We think you'll find that we are a very laid back group of people who gather to enjoy the competition and social aspects of catamaran racing. I hope we have enticed you into experiencing the great sailing and camaraderie of our club. If you would like more in-depth information about CRAM, please feel free to send us a note - we'd love to chat!