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One of the best ways to get started with CRAM!

iu 1Not all of us have the luxury of having a boat ready to go.

--> We get it.  It takes time and money to get it all pulled together.  If you can sail with someone else this weekend, why wait?
Not all of us have the confidence to go out there on the big water on our own just yet.

--> Sailing with an experienced skipper is one of the quickest ways to climb the learning curve. You will quickly realize that managing the tougher conditions isn't that hard after all.

And... Not all of us have a crew that is available every time we want to go sailing.

--> Everyone has busy lives. There are times when even the best boats/skippers are looking for a motivated crew to sail with.
F18 Nacra
So, this is Your chance to connect the dots and create a REAL win-win story.

By subscribing to the crew list below, we will add you to CRAM's list of people interested in crewing.

The list will only be viewable within the members-only section.  We will keep your information 100% private and not share it with anyone other than CRAM sailors.


Subscribing puts your name on the list for 1 year.

Please also let us know what level of experience you have.

Also, tell us a little bit about yourself so our sailors have a good idea of your expectations.

When someone needs a crew, they can check under the member section of the website and find your name, phone, and email address so they can get in touch with you.
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